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Custom Electromechanical Box Builds

Electromechanical box builds for aerospace and defense.

Cord Master Engineering combines 40 years of experience assembling electromechanical box builds with world class manufacturing skills. This combination allows us to support our aerospace and defense customers with electromechanical box builds. We can build prototypes and we can recreate old designs with obsolete components.


Most importantly, we will do one piece builds!


Electromechanical Box Builds with AS-9100 Quality Certification

As an AS-9100 certified facility, Cord Master Engineering is a supplier you can depend upon to document materials, processes and assembly instructions to the highest standards. Each electromechanical or avionics box build assemblies are made according to your drawings. We have experienced technicians who use industry standards.


All components are traceable and AS-5553 compliant.

AS-9100C certification is critical to our operating model.
Besides the fact that so many of our customers require AS9100C, we have integrated the quality program into our daily business here. We don’t just pay lip service to AS9100C. We walk the walk every day.”
— Hugh Daley, President, Cord Master Engineering Co., Inc.
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