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Custom Wire Harness and Custom Cable Assembly

Cord Master Engineering will build custom wire harness and cable assemblies to your specifications.

Cord Master Engineering is a build to print wire harness manufacturer. Build to print wire harnesses and cable assemblies are custom products built to match customer-supplied drawings, specifications and bills of material.


Our customers specify all of their product requirements including materials, dimensions, methods and testing. Cord Master can produce custom wire harness and cable assemblies in small batches while meeting tight deadlines and hitting your price targets. Our 100% electrical testing guarantees the quality of all manufactured cables and wire harnesses.


Special Cable Harnesses

Cable harnesses come in an endless variety of configurations. Cord Master can build special cable harnesses based off of your requirements:

  • Drawings

  • Military part numbers

  • Bills of material

  • Detailed specifications documentation

  • A physical sample to be replicated

Aerospace Quality Wire Harnesses

Cord Master can meet the demands and the level of reliability and durability requires for military or aerospace organizations. Our cable harnesses are used in police and military combat vehicles and military helicopters. There are stringent military and aerospace quality requirements which we are experienced at delivering upon.

Replacement Wire Harnesses

Cord Master can copy existing wire harnesses or build them from drawings and specifications provided by our customers. Our minimum order quantity is one (1) item.


We do have a small lot charge of $125 that is applied to any order under $500.

More Custom Wire Harness and Custom Cable Assembly Examples

  • Aircraft Cable and Harness Assemblies

  • Military Cable and Harness Assemblies

  • Molded and Overmolded Cable Assemblies

  • Custom Electrical Cables

  • Custom Network Cables

  • Custom Power Cables

  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cable Assemblies for all purposes

Whether you need 1 wiring harness or 10,000 wiring harnesses, give us a call today!
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