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Submission Instructions: Thank you for coming to our Request Quote page. You can use the form on this page to submit your request for a quote to us. Please complete as much of the information as possible. You can upload a file along with your quote submission. If you have multiple files, please submit the form once for each attachment. We make every effort to respond to requests within 1 business day. Please note that our response may include one or more questions about your request so we can insure we have the correct details from which to quote.

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The “Ready to Build Quote” Difference

Cord Master Engineering prepares Ready to Build Quotes upon request. A Ready to Build Quote is an estimate that has been fully researched by our procurement team and reviewed by our engineering and production staff. It is based upon real component pricing, availability and lead time.  If special testing is involved we have the real per piece testing costs included. Your confidence in our ability to deliver per the pricing and schedule quoted should be high. It would truly be an unusual or unforeseen circumstance that would cause us to revise our schedule or our pricing once you provide a PO.

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