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Marking Services

Providing State-of-the-Art UV Laser Marking Services.

Cord Master provides laser wire marking services with state-of-the-art UV laser marking from Spectrum Technologies. We can permanently mark a broad range of wire and cable jacket types and constructions with a high quality, durable identification method. We specialize in marking high performance fluoropolymer finished electrical wires and fiber optics used by the Aerospace industry.


UV Markable Wire Types

Single Core, Screened & Unscreened Wires

  • Multi core sheathed, screened and unscreened.

Tape Wrapped Polyimide (Kapton) Wires:

  • Dispersion coated PTFE (Teflon), ETFE and FEP polyimide tape wrapped wires, e.g. Airbus CF, Eurofighter JN1007, JN1018, JN1019

  • Teflon tape wrapped (TKT/TK) e.g. Airbus DK/DM/DR/AD, Boeing BMS13-60, AS22759/80-92

Extruded Wires:

  • TFE Extrusions e.g. AS22759/9-12, PAN 6429PTFE (Teflon)

  • ETFE, XLETFE (Tefzel) e.g. Boeing BMS 13-48, etc., AS22759/16-19, AS22759/32-46 or FEP

Our Wire Marking Equipment & Processes Meet the Following Aerospace Standards:

  • Complies with SAE AS50881, no need for insulation integrity testing after marking

  • Complies fully with SAE ARP 5607 “Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables”

  • Certified 70-80% mark contrast using SAE AS4373 Part 1001 “Wire Marking Contrast”

  • Indelible Marking conforms to Boeing Specification 5152

  • In full compliance to Sikorsky SS7333 “with no limitations of use”


Our system will effectively mark on PTFE (Teflon®), FEP, ETFE or similar jackets. These fluoropolymer materials can generally be marked in all forms including extruded polymers, thin tapes, or dispersion topcoats, including Single, Twisted Pair and Triplets (excluding clear coated jackets).


Benefits of our Laser Wire Marking System Include:

  • Non aggressive UV laser marking, no insulation damage

  • Ultimate mark performance resists hot hydraulic fluid, fuel, and abrasion

  • Excellent Contrast and Visibility

  • Maintains Insulation Integrity

  • Variable Font Sizes, Orientation and Placement

Cord Master also offers thermal transfer printing for Sleeve Markers and Heat Shrinkable Insulation Sleeving in accordance with Sikorsky’s SS7333 and SS7334.

Contact Us for More Information

“I’d like to send our thanks to Cord Master for the top notch wire kit we received last week. The quality of the laser markings and the quick turnaround time for delivery was noted and most appreciated. We will most certainly use Cord Master in the future for our go to vendor with regard to our wire marking needs.”
— John Babala, Electrical Engineer, Calspan, Inc.
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