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What is LSHF and LS0H?

Cord Master Engineering produces LSHF and LS0H cords and cables.

LSHF is shorthand for low smoke halogen free.

LS0H is shorthand for low smoke zero halogen.

Low Smoke Halogen Free/ Low Smoke Zero Halogen is a specialized classification for materials typically found in cord and cable jacketing in the wire and cable industry. Thermoplastic and thermoset compounds are used in cord and cable jacketing. What sets LSHF/LS0H compounds apart is that they emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat.

At Cord Master Engineering we have dedicated tooling to mold and extensive experience working with low smoke halogen free compounds in the manufacture of power cords and data cables. Our customers in aerospace, defense and transportation need our products to meet safety and environmental regulations.

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