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Cord Master Specializes in Aerospace Manufacturing Needs

Cord Master Engineering produces aerospace power cords.

We have a full line of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) power cords. This line includes versions of power cords made with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) materials.

We specialize in small batch manufacturing so no order is too small. If you have a drawing and bill of materials and need one of something manufactured, we can do it for you.

Our large tooling set for our molding machines means that we have the equipment in house to work with most types of connectors. MIL-SPEC connectors are right in our wheelhouse.

Cord Master Offers Aerospace Laser Wire Marking Services.

Our state-of-the-art UV laser marking system is from Spectrum Technologies. The Spectrum unit allows us to permanently mark a wide range of wire and cable jacket types. The result is a high quality, durable identification method. Our specialty is marking high performance fluoropolymer finished electrical wires and fiber optics used by the aerospace industry. The equipment and processes we use meet the following Aerospace standards:

  • SAE AS50881

  • SAE ARP 5607 “Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables”

  • SAE AS4373 Part 1001 “Wire Marking Contrast”

  • Boeing Specification 5152

  • Sikorsky SS7333 “with no limitations of use”

Cord Master Engineering has Long Experience with Aerospace Light Assemblies.

We work with companies like Honeywell and Raytheon to build and package kits of helicopter light assemblies. These kits are either shipped to the military for storage as spare parts or are used as part of a specific replacement or upgrade program for a particular model helicopter.

All we would need to get started is your drawings and bills of material. We typically turnaround requests for quote within a few business days and we’re expert at sourcing parts for older aircraft.

Call Missy Crews at 413-664-9371 for more information.

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