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Cord Master Produces Wire Kits, Electronic Kits and More

Cord Master Engineering produces a wide variety of spare electrical components for our commercial, aerospace and defense clients. Many times these components are grouped together and packaged as kits.

Customers like Raytheon, Sikorsky and many others depend upon us for their custom wire kit needs.

A custom wire kit may include wires of various gauges cut to various lengths and equipped with various connectors. These connectors may include crimped or soldered fittings. Molding and overmolding of connectors may also be included. Kits are typically packaged and labeled with part numbers, serial numbers and other relevant information.

Need a custom electronic kit for your helicopter, airplane or ship? The kits that Cord Master produces tend to be spare parts kits which our customers use in their repair and reconditioning departments.

Cord Master Engineering produces wire kits and electronic kits for aerospace, military and commercial customers at our HUBZone certified facility in North Adams, MA.

Call Missy at 413-664-9371 today for information or to request a quote.

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