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Wire Marking Services with Spectrum Laser Wire Marker

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Cord Master Engineering provides wire marking services. Our Spectrum Laser Wire Marker is a major part of our wire marking offering.

Why Laser Marking?

UV laser wire marking has been around since the 1980’s. It was originally developed specifically for the aerospace industry. The technology allows for the safe application of permanent identity codes to wire insulation. Whereas the old hot stamp method is considered an aggressive and potentially damaging process, hot stamping has been banned under several international aerospace specifications. UV laser marking does not damage or otherwise alter the physical characteristics of the wire.

Cord Master Engineering depends upon a Spectrum Laser Wire Marker to provide laser wire marking services to our customer base.

“The Spectrum unit laser marks and cuts small gauge wire to size,” said Hugh Daley, President at Cord Master Engineering. “We have several trained operators who can setup and run this machine. Our military and aerospace customers demand this value added service from us. Marked wires are vital in assembling and troubleshooting complex systems.”

Spectrum Technologies is the manufacturer of Cord Master’s laser wire marking device. Spectrum is located in Bridgend, UK. You can check them out online at

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